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    Node-RED nodes to talk to Twitter.

    The Twitter API will NOT deliver 100% of all tweets. This does NOT give access to the Twitter Firehose.

    Tweets of who you follow will include their retweets and favourites.


    Run the following command in your Node-RED user directory - typically ~/.node-red

        npm install node-red-node-twitter


    Provides two nodes - one to receive messages, and one to send.


    Twitter input node. Can be used to search either:

    • the public or a user's stream for tweets containing the configured search term
    • all tweets by specific users
    • direct messages received by the authenticated user

    Use space for and, and comma , for or when searching for multiple terms.

    Sets the msg.topic to tweets/ and then appends the senders screen name.

    Sets msg.location to the tweeters location if known.

    When returning events it sets the msg.payload to the twitter event, a full list is documented by Twitter.

    Sets msg.tweet to the full tweet object as documented by Twitter.

    Note: This node is not connected to the FireHose, so will not return 100% of all tweets to a busy @id or #hashtag.

    Sets msg.tweet to the full tweet object as documented by Twitter.

    Note: when set to a specific user's tweets, or your direct messages, the node is subject to Twitter's API rate limiting. If you deploy the flows multiple times within a 15 minute window, you may exceed the limit and will see errors from the node. These errors will clear when the current 15 minute window passes.


    Tweets the msg.payload.

    To send a Direct Message (DM) - use a payload like.

        D {username} {message}

    If exists and is a Buffer object, this node will treat it as an image and attach it to the tweet.

    If msg.params exists and is an object of name:value pairs, this node will treat it as parameters for the update request.


    npm i node-red-node-twitter

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