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wwsNodes - Waton Work Services Nodes for NodeRed

Set of useful nodes for Watson Work Services for Node-RED

List of nodes

wwsApplications (Configuration Node)

Specify AppId and AppSecret of your application for Watson Workplace (from and it will retrieve token for subsequent calls and spaces in which it has been added. This configuration node can be reused across multiple WWS nodes


Send a message to one or all spaces Choose to send the incoming payload in all spaces or choose one space in the list It uses :

  • msg.payload : text message
  • msg.color : color of the border
  • msg.title : title of the message
  • : sender of the message
  • msg.avatar : url of the picture of the sender
  • msg.spaceId : Id of the space to send the message to (if set, it overides the UI choices)


Receive a message from Watson Work Services Manage the Webhook subscription and the messages reception


A node to send a graphQL request to Watson Work Services< It uses : - msg.graphQLQuery : GraphQL Query (if set, it overides the UI query). Ex. : query getSpaceId{spaces(first:5){items{id title}}} - msg.graphQLResult : Result of the GraphQL Query Other msg parts are left unchanged


To be used with Node-RED


Under development