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Node-RED Web Push Notification nodes

node-red-contrib-web-push is a Node-RED package that allows your Progressive Web Applications to send Web Push notifications using the standard Web Push Protocol, while sender authentication can be achieved by implementing VAPID. It uses the web-push.

The web push node is used to send notifications to Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge and Samsung Internet browsers. For a list of supported versions of those browsers, check the web-push page.

Chrome prior 52 and some other old browsers require a GCM Api Key to send notifications, so you will need to configure it in the node.

You can use the web-push-notification node to set the properties of a notification, or you can send the values in the msg.notification object.

The device tokens must be provided in the msg.subscriptions object and they must contain the endpoint, as well as the p256dh and the auth keys.

More information available in the web node info tab.

The web nodes returns the result in the msg.payload key.

Sample flow

You can find an sample flow in demo-flow.json. It contains a simple API to manage the subscriptions and store them in a Flow variable. You can use PWAtter demo project as a client-side PWA.


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Copyright 2018 Maxim Salnikov

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This node is based on node-red-contrib-push by Mihail Cristian Dumitru.

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