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A collection of Node-RED nodes to send and receive home automation commands and data using an RFXCOM RFXtrx433E home automation controller. Also compatible with the older RFXtrx433 transceivers.


Use npm to install this package locally in the Node-RED data directory (by default, $HOME/.node-red):

cd $HOME/.node-red
npm install node-red-contrib-rfxcom

Alternatively, it can be installed globally:

npm install -g node-red-contrib-rfxcom

The nodes will be added to the palette the next time node-RED is started, under the 'home automation' category.

Nodes included in the package

rfx-lights-in Receives messages from 'lighting' type devices such as remote controls, and PIR sensors used as light switches.

rfx-lights-out Sends messages to 'lighting' type devices including switches, dimmers, and some types of relay.

rfx-doorbell-in Receives messages from wireless bell pushes

rfx-doorbell-out Sends messages to wireless door chimes

rfx-sensor Receives messages from temperature, humidity, pressure and other weather sensors. Also handles soil moisture sensors and the maverick ET-732 BBQ thermometer.

rfx-meter Receives messages from wireless energy monitors such as OWL

rfx-detector Receives messages from wireless intruder and smoke detectors. This node and the associated software must not be used in situations where the avoidance of damage to or loss of property, or protection from risk of injury or death, may depend on its correct operation.

rfx-PT2262-in Receives messages from devices using the PT2262 chipset. Many no-name remote controls and alarm systems use these chips

rfx-PT2262-out Sends messages to devices using the PT2262 family of chips.

rfx-blinds-in Receives messages from curtains, blinds, and awnings remote controls (also supports the LightwaveRF in-line relay)

rfx-blinds-out Sends commands to curtains, blinds, and awnings motors, including Somfy/RFY units (also supports the LightwaveRF in-line relay)

Basic help text is provided for each node. Additional information is available in the 'RFXmngr.exe' program supplied with the RFXtrx433E, and more details may be found in the SDK documentation, available on request from RFXCOM.

Example flow

The following Node-RED flow listens to an Oregon temperature sensor, and turns a HomeEasy relay on if the temperature is 9.5 degrees or less, off otherwise:

[{"id":"dc1031e4.23efd","type":"rfxtrx-port","port":"/dev/ttyUSB0"},{"id":"f858dd6.f07a72","type":"rfx-sensor","name":"","port":"dc1031e4.23efd","topicSource":"single","topic":"TH1/0x8E01","x":113,"y":118,"z":"4235a364.bdca5c","wires":[["66729a21.998d64"]]},{"id":"1b5de8f1.e4a217","type":"rfx-lights-out","name":"","port":"dc1031e4.23efd","topicSource":"node","topic":"AC/0x001EF1CE/4","x":591,"y":215,"z":"4235a364.bdca5c","wires":[]},{"id":"66729a21.998d64","type":"switch","name":"","property":"payload.temperature.value","rules":[{"t":"gt","v":"9.5"},{"t":"else"}],"checkall":"true","outputs":2,"x":226,"y":208,"z":"4235a364.bdca5c","wires":[["41141c7b.beebe4"],["8ac73565.7538c8"]]},{"id":"41141c7b.beebe4","type":"change","action":"replace","property":"payload","from":"","to":"\"Off\"","reg":false,"name":"Turn off","x":396,"y":155,"z":"4235a364.bdca5c","wires":[["1b5de8f1.e4a217"]]},{"id":"8ac73565.7538c8","type":"change","action":"replace","property":"payload","from":"","to":"\"On\"","reg":false,"name":"Turn on","x":397,"y":271,"z":"4235a364.bdca5c","wires":[["1b5de8f1.e4a217"]]}]


npm i node-red-contrib-rfxcom

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