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    node-red-contrib-monarco-hat - Node-RED driver library for Monarco HAT

    Compatible Monarco HAT firmware version: 2.006 and newer

    Tested on: Raspbios 2021-01-11 (Full and Lite)

    Getting started

    Install prerequisites

    Install required build-dependencies on your Raspbian running on Raspberry Pi:

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install build-essential 

    Install Node-RED, node.js and npm on your Raspberry Pi:

    bash <(curl -sL

    For the curious, here are the details: Running Node-RED on Raspberry Pi.

    Start Node-RED

    Start the Node-RED system service:


    Install Monarco HAT nodes

    Point your web browser (Firefox or Chrome) to e.g. to open the Node-RED flow editor.Make sure to use the IP address of your Raspberry Pi.

    Select the Manage Palette option from the main menu to open the Palette Manager. The Install tab lets you search the catalogue of available node modules and install them. Find the node-red-contrib-monarco-hat palette and install it.


    You can now use the I/Os of the Monarco HAT in Node-RED.

    Example flow

    Try out this flow to see all the nodes of this library in action.

    Starting Node-RED automatically

    If you want your flows to start automatically on system startup, run the following command:

    sudo systemctl enable nodered.service


    node-red-contrib-monarco-hat and examples provided in this repository are covered by the BSD 3-Clause License. See LICENSE.txt or

    Copyright REX Controls s.r.o., Author: Jiri Faist,


    npm i node-red-contrib-monarco-hat

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