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Only for Air-to-Water heatpumps.

For Air-to-Air heatpumps use : node-red-contrib-melcloud.

The nodes are triggerd from any incoming payload.

melcloud-connect-atw node

First in creditentials 'add a new melcloud-creditentials-atw' and enter your credentials from your Mitsubishi Melcloud account (email and password)

Then select for '>-Command' 'Devices list'

With a debug node find your buildingId and deviceId (under Structures > Devices)

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When calling this node most of the heatpump's parameters are published (under Structures > Devices > Devices).

Only call the node with a maximum frequency of 5 minutes, otherwise some of the data will not get updated.

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Select your credential settings and provide the buildingId and deviceId. Only 3 parameters can be written to your device from the node

  • SetTemperatureZone1
  • SetTemperatureZone2
  • SetTankTemperature

For SHW 'force hot water' can be set to On for instant startup.

Parameters can be left blank, exept for the ID's, if not needed. The node returns a list of actual parameters from the heatpump.

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from a function

Parameters can be provided from a function and send with a payload to the melcloud-device-atw node. Just privide the ID's and the parameter that needs to be published. If a parameter does not need to be publised, just leave it out.

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based on node-red-contrib-melcloud by ysimonx

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