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KNX/eib nodes for node-red.

Inspired by

KNX for node-red, utilizing pure JavaScript KNXnet/IP driver (working in tunneling mode). Uses the pure JavaScript implementation of eib/knx driver for Node.JS (


  1. Node.js v4.5.0 and above
  2. Node-RED v0.12.0 and above

Install via NPM

From inside your node-red directory:

npm install node-red-contrib-knx

What's inside?

It includes three nodes:

  1. knx-controller : a unique CONFIG node that holds connection configuration for knx and will acts as the encapsulator for KNX access. As a node-red 'config' node, it cannot be added to a graph, but it acts as a singleton object that gets created in the the background when you add an 'knx' or 'knx-device' node and configure it accordingly.

  2. knx-out : KNX/EIB output node that can send KNX to arbitrary GA's and datatypes, so it can be used with function blocks.

  3. knx-in : KNX/EIB listener node, who emits flow messages based on activity on the KNX bus:

Both use the same message format, an example message follows:

  • topic is: telegram type, it could be:

  • read- read request

  • write - to update GA's value

  • payload contains:

  • srcphy: source physical address (the device that sent the KNX/EIB telegram) - this information is only emitted by knx-in, and will be ignored by knx-out (no address spoofing, you naughty haxx0r!)

  • dstgad: destination group address (the function that this telegram refers to eg. front porch lights) - REQUIRED

  • dpt: datapoint type (1 for booleans, 5 for 4-bit dimming setpoints etc) - defaults to 1 for boolean on/off GA's

  • value: the destination group address's value conveyed in the telegram. REQUIRED when telegram type is write. Otherwise, telegram type is read.

Right now it not tested in all directions, but tunnelling mode (only write commands) are working. It tested with KNXnet/IP routers: ABB IPR/S 2.1, Weinzierl BAOS 771


###'knx-in' and 'knx-out' node configuration:

###'knx-controller' CONFIG node configuration:

How send value to KNX by Inject-node:

How send value to KNX by Function-node:

How make read-request to KNX by Inject-node:

According to official documentation:


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