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HDL nodes for node-red.

HDL for node-red, utilizing pure JavaScript HDL Buspro driver (working in tunneling mode). Based on

Install via NPM

From inside your node-red directory:

npm install node-red-contrib-hdl

What's inside?

It includes three nodes:

  1. hdl-controller : a unique CONFIG node that holds connection configuration for hdl and will acts as the encapsulator for HDL access. As a node-red 'config' node, it cannot be added to a graph, but it acts as a singleton object that gets created in the the background when you add an 'hdl-in' or 'hdl-out' node and configure it accordingly.

  2. hdl-out : HDL output node that can send HDL commands to a HDL network.

  3. hdl-in : HDL listener node, who emits flow messages based on activity on the HDL bus.

Example of msg ready to be sent into the hdl-out node:

   "topic": "1.3",
   "payload": {  
      "code": 39,
      "data": {
        "channel": 5,
        "level": 100
  • topic can contain target address, for example 1.3, where 1 is subnet number and 3 is device number.
  • payload must be a JavaScript object or a string in JSON format, which contains fields:
  • device - device number of target (example: 1.3). It can be empty, then msg.topic field will be handled as target device number
  • code (alias: cmd and command) - command code (example: 39). Full list of operation codes take here: Pro operation codes(Eng) Jan 08 2013.pdf
  • data (aliases: params and args) - object with different fields for specified operation code.
    • Operation code 0x0031 (decimal 49):
      • - integer, channel number of DMX dimmer, for example.
      • data.level - integer, level of luminosity to be set to the channel.
      • data.time - integer, how many time level change should take[TODO: write the number range here].
    • Operation code 0x0032 (decimal 50):
      • - integer, channel number of DMX dimmer, for example.
      • data.success - any type, if it can be interpreted as Boolean true, value of 0xF8 will be sent. Otherwise, 0xF5 will be sent.
      • data.value - integer, value to be set to the channel.
    • Operation code 0xE01C (decimal 57372):
      • data.switch - integer, number of switch.
      • data.status - any type, if it can be interpreted as Boolean true integer value 255 will be sent to the switch. Otherwise, 0 will be sent.


'hdl-in' and 'hdl-out' node configuration:

'hdl-controller' CONFIG node configuration:

How send value to HDL by Inject-node:

According to official documentation:


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