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Get Clean Reading Content from every web page


Get Readable Content from any page. Based on Arc90's readability project.

  1. Blazingly Fast. This project is based on Cheerio engine, which is 8x times faster than JSDOM.

Before starting this project I used Node-readability, but the dependencies of that project plus the slowness of JSDOM made it very frustrating to work with. The compiling of contextify module (dependency of JSDOM) failed 9/10 times. And if you wanted to use node-readability with node-webkit you had to manually rebuild contextify with nw-gyp, which is not the optimal solution.

So I decided to write my own version of Arc90's Readability using the fast Cheerio engine with the least number of dependencies.

The Usage of this module is similiar to node-readability, so it's easy to switch.

npm install node-read

read(html [, options], callback)


  • html url or html code.
  • options is an optional options object
  • callback is the callback to run - callback(error, article, meta)


var read = require('node-read');

read('', function(err, article, res) {

  // Main Article.
  // Title

  // HTML 
  // DOM