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node-python binding

python bridge for nodejs!

Hyper-beta, don't hesitate to try and report bugs!

Build Status


npm install node-python


// python stuff 
var python = require('node-python');
var os = python.import('os');
// nodejs stuff 
var path = require('path');
assert(os.path.basename(os.getcwd()) == path.basename(process.cwd()))

You should now go have fun with that and make it brokes :)

Current status

What should work:

  • Conversion between None and Undefined
  • Conversion between Python's and Node's Boolean
  • Conversion between Python's and Node's String
  • Calling python functions from node
  • Conversion from Python's Array to Node's Array

What may be broken:

  • Losing precision from Python's 64 bits Integer to Node's Number
  • If you're using node v0.6.x (please upgrade) you'll have to manually compile with node-gyp

What's to be done:

  • Conversion from Node's Array to Python's Array
  • Pass javascript object to python
  • Call javascript function from python

What would be realy awesome:

  • Proper object introspection


  • v0.0.4 : 2013-10-09
    • use the bindings module to load the native extension
  • v0.0.3 : 2013-07-06
    • Refactor
    • Better type conversion & error handling
    • Compilation now properly working on both OSX and Linux. Windows compilation may work too
  • v0.0.2 : 2012-12-21