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Generate nice badges for your projects from the command line or in node.js

This module is a CLI wrapper for project-badge. Check project-badge's readme for more info on all available configuration parameters.


npm install -g node-project-badge

node-project-badge uses canvas which requires cairo. You need to install cairo and it's dependencies before installing node-project-badge.
For ubuntu/debian people: sudo apt-get install libcairo2-dev libjpeg-dev giflib-dbg


Create a build status badge: project-badge -b build-status --status 0
build: success


-b config : built-in configuration
-c file : custom configuration file
All other options are directly passed as badge parameters to project-badge.

Badge parameters can either be specified as command line arguments or in a json config file. Additionnaly, the type config specifies the base project-badge type (boolean, progress, info).

Config file

A config file is a valid json file which contains project-badge badge parameters. See the API Reference for the full list of badge parameters.

Built-in configs

The most common configurations are stored in built-in configs accessible via the -b option. Available built-ins are:

  • build-status: Travis-style build status. Shows a successful build when --status is 0
  • coverage: Code coverage. --progress gives the amount of coverage in %.
  • last-build: Date of last build. Example: write a badge with the current date
    project-badge -b last-build --info "`date '+%d/%m/%y %k:%M'`" badge.png
  • version: creates a version badge (specify version with --info)
  • npm-version: like version but for npm packages


If project-badge gives you : No such file or directory even when started without arguments, then you may try to install it manually. cd to a temporary dir and run:

tar -xzvf master.tar.gz
cd node-project-badge-master
sudo npm install -g .