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  • NOTE: Sorry, this is no longer maintained, I am currently not active in node.js space. *

Provides basic hstore parsing and stringify methods (stringify / parse) for use with hstore datatype in postgres. Intended to be used with node-postgres. The existing solutions on npmjs didnt handle null correctly, or had other flaws that made it easier to write my own, of course this probably has it own defects and flaws to, it will do for now.

Note: this doesnt do any fancy type metadata serialization, so if you need something other than string -> string/null then hstore isnt a good fit, look at JSON support in postgresql 9.2/9.3.


parser: there doesnt seem to be a clean hook point, the FAQ refers to a test that includes the pgtypes file via a relative path, I couldnt see anything on the primary pg object that we could use, so path hacking it is.

A simple example of what you may have to do (see exp/test.js):

var pg = require('pg');
var hstore = require('../index'); //your code = require('node-postgres-hstore') 
var path = require('path');
var conString = "tcp://" + process.env.PGUSER + ":" + 
  process.env.PGPASSWORD + "@localhost/deroku";
// SELECT oid FROM pg_type WHERE typname = 'hstore' 
var hstoreOid = 74144; // different for every db 
var pgTypes = require(path.join(path.dirname(require.resolve('pg')),'types'));
pgTypes.setTypeParser(hstoreOid, hstore.parse)
var payload = {
  a: 1,
  b: true,
  c: false,
  d: null,
  e: "Matt single' quote",
  f: "Matt double quote\" ",
  g: "/usr/local/bin",
  h: "c:\\windozes\\mshell\\killme"
pg.connect(conString, function(err, client) {
  var query = client.query("SELECT $1::hstore As test", [hstore.stringify(payload)]);
  query.on('row', function(row) {
  query.on('end', function(row) {

serialization: node-postgres doesnt have any extension points for serialization, so you have to do this in your own layers, although it looks like it may come soon query.js#L130

var hstore = require('node-postgres-hstore');
var strOutput = hstore.stringify(payload);

future - node-postgres integration

As of commit accb94b (07/07/12) the unit tests of node-postgres are failing, I suspect this is part of an overhaul as they target node v0.8.x. I will revisit once things have stablized again and attempt to expose a clean way to register parsers, a way to register serializers, and possibly an explicit method to collect up the metadata (oids) for custom types (needs some thought as we dont want to invisibly be hitting the db). TODO: consult with maintainers of node-postgres


cd projectdir
npm install --save node-postgres-hstore


See test/simple.js
git clone repo
npm install --dev .
npm test


The MIT License