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Run your nodejs service in style (think php-fpm for nodejs)

Version Matrix:

node version node-pm version
6.9.x >= 0.11.6
4.2.x >= 0.11.6
0.12.x 0.11.0 - 0.11.5
0.10.x 0.11.0 - 0.11.5
0.8.x <= 0.10.6
  • node versions below 4.2.0 are no longer supported as of version 0.11.6 of node-pm


Install node-pm

    npm install -g node-pm


Run application

    node-pm app.js

List node-pm options


Run Tests

    npm test

Generate Docs

Install jsdoc

    npm install -g jsdoc

Generate Docs

    npm run-script docs



[Craig Thayer](
[Kevin Smithson](

License: MIT

See LICENSE for the full license text.