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    Translates between Traditional and Simplified Chinese in pure Node.js Build Status

    (This library use OpenCC for its dictionary database and test data)

    OpenCC is a translation library for Traditional and Simplified Chinese with dictionary of localized phrases and verbs. But it only runs on Python (or Node.js with Python installed).

    node-opencc is a brand new project that imports OpenCC database and test case, and translates text without installing any native components.


    node-opencc supports Node.js and modern browsers (with Webpack).

    const opencc = require('node-opencc');
    opencc.hongKongToSimplified('滑鼠') === '鼠标';
    opencc.traditionalToHongKong('僞') === '偽';

    node-opencc supports the following types of translations:

    Function name Translation
    hongKongToSimplified Hong Kong to Simplified Chinese
    simplifiedToHongKong Simplified Chinese to Hong Kong
    simplifiedToTraditional Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese
    simplifiedToTaiwan Simplified Chinese to Taiwan
    simplifiedToTaiwanWithPhrases Simplified Chinese to Taiwan with phrases
    traditionalToHongKong Traditional Chinese to Hong Kong
    traditionalToSimplified Traditional Chinese to Simplified Chinese
    traditionalToTaiwan Traditional Chinese to Taiwan
    taiwanToSimplified Taiwan to Simplified Chinese
    taiwanToSimplifiedWithPhrases Taiwan to Simplified Chinese with phrases

    What's not working

    Although node-opencc tries to redo OpenCC with pure JavaScript, there are features that are not working as in OpenCC. node-opencc currently do not support the following features:

    • Multiple alternative phrases, verbs, and characters
    • Use withPhrases options


    Please refer to change log here.


    You may want to head to OpenCC for dictionary contribution.

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    To contribute to the code base of node-opencc, please file a pull request with unit tests.




    npm i node-opencc

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