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A node.js client for OAuth API

:: node-oauth ::

To install the most recent release from npm, run:

npm install node-oauth

require node-oauth

var OAuth = require('node-oauth');

set your application OAuth setting file.

OAuth = OAuth("../sample/object-oauth.js")

jump to Login page.
"response" is necessary for redirect.

    response: res,
    endCallback: function(err) {

(OAuth 1.0)
if you don't want to go authorize page everytime, you can control after getting request token.
Authorizer object returns. It have setting datas on its fields.

var oauthAuthorizer = OAuth.authorize('twitter', {
    auto: false

get access token in redirect page
Tokener object returns.

var oauthTokener = OAuth.access(oauth['type'], {
  href: location.href
}, authorized);

if you want to set access_token externaly, ( that is , not via url )

  request_token: oauth['req_tkn'],
  access_token: oauth['oac_tkn'],
  access_token_secret: oauth['oac_tkn_scr']

access to api with name (set in setting file) / url.
data returns after JSON.parse(api-response).

oauthTokener.get("credentials", {}, function(err, data){
    return ...
  • 2013/4/16
    • 0.1.2 release
    • repository owner is changed to ystskm