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    Mi Home Devices Library

    Control Mi Home devices via local network or cloud.

    Supported devices

    See for full list of supported devices.


    npm install node-mihome


    const mihome = require('node-mihome');

    Some devices aren't supported over local protocol (miIO) so you need to use cloud protocol (MIoT) to control those devices. User and password for Mi Account is required to use cloud protocol.

    Init protocols

    // local miIO
    // local Aqara (ZigBee)
    // cloud MIoT
    const username = '';
    const password = 'password';
    await mihome.miCloudProtocol.login(username, password);

    Example cloud methods

    const options = { country: 'cn' }; // 'ru', 'us', 'tw', 'sg', 'cn', 'de' (Default: 'cn')
    await mihome.miCloudProtocol.getDevices(null, options); // return all devices from your acount with all information (deviceId, token, model ...) to create device in the next step
    await mihome.miCloudProtocol.getDevices([deviceId1, deviceId2, ...], options); // get devices information from list ids
    await mihome.miCloudProtocol.miioCall(deviceId, method, params, options); // call miio method with params via cloud protocol

    Create device

    const device = mihome.device({
      id: '100000', // required, device id
      model: 'zhimi.aircondition.v1', // required, device model
      address: '', // miio-device option, local ip address
      token: 'abcdefgfabcdefgfabcdefgfabcdefgf', // miio-device option, device token
      refresh: 30000 // miio-device option, device properties refresh interval in ms
      parent: '1234abcd', // aqara-device option, gateway SID for aqara-protocol compatible device
    device.on('properties', (data) => {
    await device.setPower(true); // call the method
    await device.init(); // connect to device and poll for properties

    List of properties and methods for specific device can be found at ./devices folder.

    Comparison to other popular libraries

    node-mihome miio
    Implements miIO local protocol yes yes
    Implements MIoT cloud protocol: easy device token retrieval, many useful device information, control devices over internet, control devices which cannot be controlled from LAN, supports new devices e.g. Mi Air Purifier 3, etc. yes no
    Implements Aqara protocol (for ZigBee devices) full only read properties
    Number of supported devices, including new ones large and counting medium
    Library update frequency medium a long time since last update


    Reporting an issue and new devices support requests

    Please report all issues you have found. Also, feel free to request support for new devices. Thanks!

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    npm i node-mihome

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