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    MetaInspector is an npm package for web scraping purposes. You give it an URL, and it lets you easily get its title, links, images, description, keywords, meta tags....

    Metainspector is inspired by the Metainspector gem by jaimeiniesta

    This version requires node v6 or higher, as some dependencies make use of various bits of ES6 functionality. The 1.x.x versions are compatible with v0.x - v4 releases of node, and should be used instead for older applications.

    Scraped data

    client.url                  # URL of the page
    client.scheme               # Scheme of the page (http, https)                 # Hostname of the page (like,, without the scheme)
    client.rootUrl              # Root url (scheme + host, i.e
    client.title                # title of the page, as string
    client.links                # array of strings, with every link found on the page as an absolute URL               # page author, as string
    client.keywords             # keywords from meta tag, as array
    client.charset              # page charset from meta tag, as string
    client.description          # returns the meta description, or the first long paragraph if no meta description is found
    client.image                # Most relevant image, if defined with og:image
    client.images               # array of strings, with every img found on the page as an absolute URL
    client.feeds                # Get rss or atom links in meta data fields as array
    client.ogTitle              # opengraph title
    client.ogDescription        # opengraph description
    client.ogType               # Open Graph Object Type
    client.ogUpdatedTime        # Open Graph Updated Time
    client.ogLocale             # Open Graph Locale - for languages


    timeout - Defines the time Metainspector will wait for the url to respond in ms
    maxRedirects - Specifies the number of redirects Metainspector will follow
    limit - The limit in the number of bytes Metainspector will download when querying a site


    var MetaInspector = require('node-metainspector');
    var client = new MetaInspector("", { timeout: 5000 });
    client.on("fetch", function(){
        console.log("Description: " + client.description);
        console.log("Links: " + client.links.join(","));
    client.on("error", function(err){

    TO DO

    Finish implementation of the properties below:

    Add absolutify url function to return all urls as an absolute url
    client.internal_links     	# array of strings, with every internal link found on the page as an absolute URL
    client.external_links     	# array of strings, with every external link found on the page as an absolute URL

    ZOMG Fork! Thank you!

    You're welcome to fork this project and send pull requests. Just remember to include tests.

    Copyright (c) 2009-2012 Gabriel Cebrian, released under the MIT license

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