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What is node-json2html?

node-json2html is a node modules that implements the HTML templating engine json2html for node.js

Ok so what is json2html?

json2html is a javascript HTML templating engine which converts json object to html using json transforms. Note that this node-json2html package includes the latest version of json2html core.

For more information check out the json2html core library

Also implemented for jquery jquery.json2html


npm install node-json2html


    var json2html = require('node-json2html');
    var data = [{'male':'Bob','female':'Jane'},{'male':'Rick','female':'Ann'}];
    var transform = {"<>":"div","html":"${male} likes ${female}"};
    var html = json2html.transform(data,transform);

Why json2html?

Instead of writing HTML templates json2html relies on JSON transforms to convert a source JSON objects to html. The benefit of using a JSON transform is that they are already readable by the browser and DO NOT require any compilation before use. In addition, json2html allows the following

  • Short hand notation for mapping data objects to markup
  • Event binding to DOM objects (exclusively with jquery.json2html)
  • Use of inline functions to allow for complex logic during transformation
  • Dynamic building of transform objects

How do I start?

Check out our website for more information including detailed usage notes, downloadable examples and more!