An NPM for git hooks.


An NPM for git hooks.

  • hook-module: Any module in npm that meets the hook-module specification.
  • hook-module specification: A set of guidelines that define what it means to be a hook-module. View here.
  • npm: node package manager. This can be (and is) used for more things than node modules.
  • npm-module: a bit of code that can be downloaded via npm.
  • package.json: a required file for npm-modules defined here.
npm install -g node-hooks
git init
hooks install
hooks add new-hook

The hook-module sepcs should cover some of the basics while the hook-module best practices doc will help you avoid trip ups.

Working on that. See the TODO list below.

Installs hooks into the current working directory, seeding the required hooks.json and package.json files if needed.

It will also add node-hooks to the projects project.json devDependencies and node_modules folder so that all developers on the project will use the same hooks even if they don't have node-hooks installed locally.

  • --soft: stops install from adding hooks to the package.json devDependencies and node_modules. This is

Uninstall hooks from the current working directory. Removes hooks.json, but does not touch package.json or the node_module directory.

Adds an npm module to the local hooks project if the hook module's package.json fits the hook-module specification below. By default the module will be added to the hook specified in the module's package.json "default-hook" parameter and to the project's package.json devDependencies parameter.

  • --hook {GIT HOOK NAME}: this option overrides the hook-module's default-hook parameter.
  • -f, --force: installs a module from npm even if it doesn't meet the hooks-module specification. Requires the --hook option
  • --soft: don't add the module to the package.json

Removes a hook-module from the default hooks.

  • --hook {GIT HOOK NAME}: remove module from specified git hook.
  • --all-hooks: remove the module from all git hooks
  • --hard: Also removes the module from the project's devDependencies parameter.

Runs a hook.

  1. Rework globals
    • ~/.hooks/global: hooks a user wants to run for all their projects
  2. Add hooks skip hook-module to skip globals
  • hooks install --global
  • hooks uninstall --global
  • hooks add --global
  • hooks remove --global
  • hooks run --global

Remove a modules from the project (hooks remove --all-hooks) and forces a skip if its installed on a global level

  • --hook {GIT HOOK NAME}: remove module from specified git hook.
  • --all-hooks: remove the module from all git hooks

Lists the module hooks as they are currently set up in the active project

  • --global: Lists the module hooks as they are currently setup in the defaults folder.

does an npm search for modules tagged git-hooks