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An NPM for git hooks.

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  • hook-module: Any module in npm that meets the hook-module specification.
  • hook-module specification: A set of guidelines that define what it means to be a hook-module. View here.
  • npm: node package manager. This can be (and is) used for more things than node modules.
  • npm-module: a bit of code that can be downloaded via npm.
  • package.json: a required file for npm-modules defined here.


npm install -g node-hooks


When setting up a new project

git init
hooks init
hooks install new-hook


hooks install

View Available Hooks on NPM

hooks list

How to write a git hooks for Hooks

Check out this README for a quick intro. For more depth checkout the hook-module sepcs which covers the hook module requirements.

There is also a hook-module best practices doc which should help you avoid trip ups.

Is there a way to search npm for hook-modules only?

Working on that. See the TODO list below.


hooks init

Inits hooks into the current working directory, seeding the required hooks.json and package.json files if needed.

It will also add node-hooks to the projects project.json devDependencies and node_modules folder so that all developers on the project will use the same hooks even if they don't have node-hooks installed locally.


  • --soft: stops install from adding hooks to the package.json devDependencies and node_modules.
  • --bare: updates folder dependency checks to reflect that of a git --bare repo.

hooks install

Installs all hook-modules from hooks.json into the current working directory.

hooks install {hook-module} [options]

Adds an npm module to the local hooks project if the hook module's package.json fits the hook-module specification below. By default the module will be added to the hook specified in the module's package.json "default-hook" parameter and to the project's package.json devDependencies parameter.


  • --hook {GIT HOOK NAME}: this option overrides the hook-module's default-hook parameter.
  • -f, --force: installs a module from npm even if it doesn't meet the hooks-module specification. Requires the --hook option
  • --soft: don't add the module to the package.json

hooks add {hook-module} [options]

See hooks install {hook-module} [options]

hooks uninstall

Uninstall hooks from the current working directory. Removes hooks.json, but does not touch package.json or the node_module directory.

hooks remove {hook-module} [options]

Removes a hook-module from the default hooks.


  • --hook {GIT HOOK NAME}: remove module from specified git hook.
  • --all-hooks: remove the module from all git hooks
  • --hard: Also removes the module from the project's devDependencies parameter.

hooks list

Lists the hook modules registered with node-hooks.

hooks search key words

does an npm search for modules tagged git-hooks

hooks run {git-hook}

Runs a hook.

To Do

  1. Rework globals
    • ~/.hooks/global: hooks a user wants to run for all their projects
  2. Add hooks skip hook-module to skip globals

Upcoming Commands

  • hooks install --global: Add a hook module to the global scope.
  • hooks remove --global: Remove a hook module from the global scope.
  • hooks run --global: Run a hook module that is in the global scope.
  • hooks list --global: Lists the hook modules in your global scope.
  • hooks list --local: Lists the hook modules as they are setup in the current project.
  • hooks list --hook {git-hook}: limits results to hook modules for the specified git hook.

hooks skip {hook-module} [options]

Remove a modules from the project (hooks remove --all-hooks) and forces a skip if its installed on a global level


  • --hook {GIT HOOK NAME}: remove module from specified git hook.
  • --all-hooks: remove the module from all git hooks

Change Log


  • Moved the setup parts of install to init.
  • Mapped add to install in the api router.
  • Forced install to route to add if args are provided.
  • Reordered changelog to make it more readable as it grows
  • Changed exec in init to use npm-installer
  • Fixed bug in hooks-runner to make spawn not fail when installed in the .git/hooks folder of node-hooks


  • Finshed commenting out the main files
  • Reworked hook-module-validator to have a clearer workflow
  • Moved to hook-runner.js so to be clearer to fellow contribtures


  • Cleaned up code a bit and started commenting command files.
  • Added console.log with a google signup form to the install process.
  • Updated help command to ask people to help me and direct them to the docs.


  • Hooks-module installation is now handled by npm-installer rather than a child_process.exec


  • Moving all child_process not related to npm away from child_process.exec to child_process.spawn and directing child_process stdout to console.


  • Bug fix concerning multiple hook-modules running from the same hook


  • Bug fix concerning adding npm data to the hooks.json file


  • Update to shell script to avoid failure if package.json is not found.
  • Update to run, not exiting if hooks.json can't be found.


  • Pass args on to hook-moduless
  • Provide --bare command for install hooks into bare repos
  • Started move towards using spawn rather than exec from child_process.


  • Adding availabe hooks section to readme
  • Starting change log




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