libgd C++ bindings for Node.js


GD graphic library (libgd) C++ bindings for Node.js.

This version is the community-maintained official node-gd repo.

sudo apt-get install libgd2-xpm-dev # libgd
npm install node-gd
brew install gd
npm install node-gd
please open an issue if you have the answer. i'm sure it works, i just don't have ready the exact commands.
# Require library 
gd = require 'node-gd'
# Create blank new image in memory 
output_img = gd.create widthheight
# Load existing image file on disk into memory 
gd.openPng "test.png"(err, input_img) ->
  console.log "width: "input_img.width
  console.log "height: "input_img.width
# Render input over the top of output 
input_img.copyResampled output_imgdstXdstYsrcXsrcYdstWdstHsrcWsrcH
# Write image buffer to disk 
output_img.savePng "out.png"0(err) ->
  console.log "image saved!"

As usual, for the latest examples, review the easy-to-follow ./test/