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A toolkit to build composable nodejs dom,http,microservice platforms.

node-fullstack provides bin scripts & helper modules that form the core of a light weight fullstack nodejs implementation.


There are a few differences between node-fullstack & conventional nodejs packages.

Toolkits (vs Frameworks,Libraries)

There seems to be a fuzzy definition of a toolkit.

On the scale of programmer Control (& Inversion of Control), it seems to fit in a nebulous space between a Framework & Library.

Ambiguity provides an opportunity of exploration, application, & Pattern Expression.

Directory Structure

The directory structure is organized by the domain model. Framework directory structures are not used (i.e. an app directory).

The tests are intermixed with the production code. Browserify & Watchify manage which files are built into the bundles.

This is inspired by "Uncle" Bob Martin. See Screaming Architecture


TODO: Reference Implementation