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A NodeJS node to interact with the BLE buttons.

This node requires the fliclib-linux-dist daemon to handle the low level comunication with the buttons. You will need to install this (and the correct version of bluez) before you start.

The node supports all method that can be accesses by the C++ library made available in the fliclib-linux-dist package.

  • startScan
  • stopScan
  • connectButton
  • disconnectButton

connectButton and disconnectButton take the button MAC address of the button

var flic = require('node-flic-buttons');

var buttons = new flic();
// defaults to localhost:5000 else
//var buttons = new flic(host, port);

The buttons object will emit the following events

  • online - when connected to the daemon
  • offline - when disconnected from the daemon
  • discovered - when a button is discoverd (as part of a scan)
  • connected - when a button is connected
  • disconnected - when a button is disconnected
  • click - when a button is clicked, double clicked or long clicked

The discovered, connected, disconnected, and click all pass objects along with the event

flic.on('click', function(clickEvt){
  if (clickEvt.isSingleClick) {
  } else if (clickEvt.isDoubleClick) {
  } else if (clickEvt.isHold) {

I'm not 100% confident the startScan, stopScan, connect all work 100% of the time. You can pair buttons manually with the flic command that ships with the fliclib-linux package using the following actions:

  • Ensure that bluetoothd and the daemon are running
  • run flic
  • type the command startScan
  • press the flic button (you may have to press and hold for 7 seconds to unlock if it has been previously paired)
  • type the command stopScan
  • type the command list, this will show all known buttons
80:E4:DA:70:XX:XX [Disconnected]
  • type connect [80:E4:DA:70:XX:XX] where [mac address is the button you want to pair]
  • you should now see something that looks like
Connected to: 80:E4:DA:70:XX:XX
Verified: 80:E4:DA:70:XX:XX
  • the button should now be paired



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