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node-filepicker library for node.js

Filepicker Docs

I literally fired off method calls from filepicker.js in Chrome dev tools, checked my network tab, and copied what I saw in node. Just check the Filepicker Docs for details on query params and what you can get out of their API.


node-filepicker methods return promises. They also execute any callbacks that you pass in. So you could get fancy and use both the callbacks and the promises, but that would be ridiculous.


npm install node-filepicker


npm install grunt-cli -g #Install grunt to run tests 
cd myproject/node_modules/node-filepicker
npm install #Get dev dependencies 
grunt test #Run tests 


    filepicker = new Filepicker('API_KEY');```
You can also instantiate with your API key as an environment variable named ```FILEPICKER_API_KEY```
so... ```var filepicker = new Filepicker();```
```javascript, query, [callback]).then(function(buffer) {
    var string = buffer.toString(); // It's a buffer. Make it a string.
    console.log('Check out my base64-encoded image...', string);


filepicker.stat(inkBlob, [callback]).then(function(metadata) {
    var metadata = JSON.parse(metadata);
    console.log("It's metadata snitches", metadata);
});, filename, mimetype, query, [callback]).then(function(inkBlob) {
    var inkBlob = JSON.parse(inkBlob);
    console.log("It's an inkBlob", inkBlob);


filepicker.remove(inkBlob, [callback]).then(function(success) {
    console.log("Success?", success); // Logs "success" 

filepicker.write - NOT IMPLEMENTED

I might get to this, but the filepicker.js client works well enough that this sucker is very low priority... for now.