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    This module depends on No need to care about stream, Just use xml feed content


    npm install node-feedparser


    request = require('request')
    parser = require('node-feedparser')
    request ''(error, resp, body)->
      parser body(error, ret)->


    parser(xmlContent, [options], [callback])

    xmlContent is String rss,feed,rdf xml content

    options is Object or Function if Object options.siteTags Array select site tags options itemTags Array select article tags if Function callback

    callback is Function callback Error, {site,items}

    List of meta properties

    • title
    • description
    • link (website link)
    • xmlurl (the canonical link to the feed, as specified by the feed)
    • date (most recent update)
    • pubdate (original published date)
    • author
    • language
    • image (an Object containing url and title properties)
    • favicon (a link to the favicon -- only provided by Atom feeds)
    • copyright
    • generator
    • categories (an Array of Strings)

    List of article properties

    • title
    • description (frequently, the full article content)
    • summary (frequently, an excerpt of the article content)
    • link
    • origlink (when FeedBurner or Pheedo puts a special tracking url in the link property, origlink contains the original link)
    • permalink (when an RSS feed has a guid field and the isPermalink attribute is not set to false, permalink contains the value of guid)
    • date (most recent update)
    • pubdate (original published date)
    • author
    • guid (a unique identifier for the article)
    • comments (a link to the article's comments section)
    • image (an Object containing url and title properties)
    • categories (an Array of Strings)
    • source (an Object containing url and title properties pointing to the original source for an article; see the RSS Spec for an explanation of this element)
    • enclosures (an Array of Objects, each representing a podcast or other enclosure and having a url property and possibly type and length properties)
    • meta (an Object containing all the feed meta properties; especially handy when using the EventEmitter interface to listen to article emissions)



    npm i node-feedparser

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