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    Info about node exports field support: version ranges, categories, etc.


    • pre-exports: versions before node supported exports in any way (< 12.17)
    • broken: versions that have a broken exports implementation. These only support the string form, and array fallbacks. (13.0 - 13.2)
    • experimental: versions where exports support was experimental. These only support the "default" condition in the object form. (13.3 - 13.6)
    • conditions: the first versions where exports support was unflagged. (13.7 - 13.12)
    • broken-dir-slash-conditions: conditions, but directory exports (ending in ./) are broken in these versions (12.17 - 12.19 || ^13.13 || 14.0 - 14.12)
    • patterns: support for "patterns" was added in these versions, and directory exports (ending in ./) are broken (^12.20 || 14.13 - 14.18 || 15.x || 16.0 - 16.8)
    • pattern-trailers: support for "pattern trailers" was added in these versions (^14.19 || >= 16.9)
    • pattern-trailers-no-dir-slash: support for directory exports (ending in ./) was removed for these versions (>= 17)

    Entry points

    • node-exports-info/getCategoriesForRange: takes a node semver version range; returns an array of categories that overlap it
    • node-exports-info/getCategory: takes an optional node semver version (defaults to the current node version); returns the latest category that matches it
    • node-exports-info/getConditionsForCategory: takes a category and an optional moduleSystem ('require' or 'import'); returns an array of exports "conditions" that is supported, or null if exports itself is not supported
    • node-exports-info/getRange: takes a category; returns the node semver version range that matches it
    • node-exports-info/getRangePairs: returns an array of entries - each a tuple of "semver range" and "category"

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    Simply clone the repo, npm install, and run npm test


    npm i node-exports-info

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