A server Engine using cluster

A server engine using cluster

This module is a command line wrapper around the npm module "pos". With it you can use the POS tagger from the command line or start it as a REST Web Service.

The "pos" module is maintained by Fortnight Labs.


This module is licensed under the Apache License v2.0


npm install node-options

Include this as a module in your own project

var options = require('options');

// To overwrite the default port (e.g. 3000), you can either use the
// environment variable 'PORT=#' or invoke your script with the '--port=#'
// on the command line. If you want your script to be more verbose invoke
// it with the '--verbose' option.
var opts =  {
              "port"    : process.env.PORT | 3000,
              "verbose" : false

// Remove the first two arguments, which are the 'node' binary and the name
// of your script.
var unknownArgs = options.parse(process.argv.slice(2), ops);

// If an argument was passed on the command line, but was not defined in
// the "opts" object, lets print the USAGE.
if (unknownArgs) {
    if (opts.verbose) console.log('Unknown argument(s): "' + unknownArgs.join('", "') + '"');
    console.log('USAGE: [--port #] [--verbose]');