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    An implementation of the DOMException class from NodeJS

    NodeJS has DOMException built in, but it's not globally available, and you can't require/import it from somewhere.

    This package exposes the DOMException class that comes from NodeJS itself. (including all of the legacy codes)

    (plz don't depend on this package in any other environment other than node >=10.5)

    import DOMException from 'node-domexception'
    import { MessageChannel } from 'worker_threads'
    async function hello() {
      const port = new MessageChannel().port1
      const ab = new ArrayBuffer()
      port.postMessage(ab, [ab, ab])
    hello().catch(err => {
      console.assert( === 'DataCloneError')
      console.assert(err.code === 25)
      console.assert(err instanceof DOMException)
    const e1 = new DOMException('Something went wrong', 'BadThingsError')
    console.assert( === 'BadThingsError')
    console.assert(e1.code === 0)
    const e2 = new DOMException('Another exciting error message', 'NoModificationAllowedError')
    console.assert( === 'NoModificationAllowedError')
    console.assert(e2.code === 7)
    console.assert(DOMException.INUSE_ATTRIBUTE_ERR === 10)


    The only possible way is to use some web-ish tools that have been introduced into NodeJS that throws a DOMException and catch the constructor. This is exactly what this package dose for you and exposes it.
    This way you will have the same class that NodeJS has and you can check if the error is a instance of DOMException.
    The instanceof check would not have worked with a custom class such as the DOMException provided by domenic which also is much larger in size since it has to re-construct the hole class from the ground up.

    The DOMException is used in many places such as the Fetch API, File & Blobs, PostMessaging and more.
    Why they decided to call it DOM, I don't know

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    npm i node-domexception

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