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Node Console Menu


This library provides a way to quickly create the menu for your node console app. Examples are written in TypeScript.




This is the abstract class you need to extend in your menus. Its constructor takes in a title which is displayed at the top of the menu. This should be called from your implementation's constructor. Like so:

public constructor() { super("Menu Title"); }
  • init() this needs overriding in your implementation and is where you add the items to the menu.
  • display() this starts this menu. This only needs to be called on the root menu in your system, as all sub-menus are handled by this library.
  • addMenuItem(new MenuItem(id, description, action (or null), subMenu (leave blank for action))) this adds an item to the menu.
  • addHiddenMenuItem(new MenuItem(id, description, action (or null), subMenu (leave blank for action))) this is a helper method that adds a menu item, which is then hidden.
  • updateMenuItems() this can be overridden per menu to update items based on changes to your application, such as showing hidden menu items if they're now needed.
  • showMenuItem(id) this can be used to show hidden menu items, most commonly in the method above. This uses the unique id given to the menu item.
  • hideMenuItem(id) this can be used to hide menu items.


This is the class used to define items for the menus in your system. It has two constructors one for if the item is a sub menu and another for if it's an action. These should be called like this: new MenuItem(id, description, action (or null), subMenu (leave blank for action))

  • hide() which is used on menu items, to hide them from the list.
  • show() which is used on hidden menu items, to show them in the list.
  • setAsExitOption() which is used to set menu items as the exit option for a menu, either going to the parent menu, or exiting the application.


Main Class

let mainMenu = new MainMenu();

Main Menu Class

export class MainMenu extends AbstractMenu {
    public constructor() {
        super("Welcome to the main menu");
    protected init() {
        this.addMenuItem(new MenuItem(100, "Exit menu").setAsExitOption());
        this.addMenuItem(new MenuItem(101, "Print Hello World", () => { console.log("Hello World!"); }));


Welcome to the main menu
0. Exit menu
1. Print Hello World
Select option: 1
Hello World!
Welcome to the main menu
0. Exit menu
1. Print Hello World
Select option: 0

Look in demo for a full example implementation of the library.

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