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A Nodejs SDK for Buffer APIs.


Node.js SDK for Buffer APIs

npm install node-bufferapp
var express = require('express')
, app = express()
,BufferApp = require('node-bufferapp');
var bufferapp = new BufferApp({
    clientID : YOUR_APP_CLIENT_ID,
    clientSecret : YOUR_APP_CLIENT_SECRET,
app.get('/auth', function(req, res) {
    // Your user has to authorize your app to use his/her account 
app.get('YOUR_CALLBACK_PATH', function(req, res) {
    // Extract the code that would have been sent as a query parameter to your callback URL 
    var code = req.query.code;
    bufferapp.login(code, function(error, user) {
        // user is an instance of BufferUser which can then be used to make authorized api calls 
        user.getInfo(function(err, info) {

The complete API documentation is in docs

$git clone
$cd node-bufferapp
$npm install
  • Register a test application here (For login test)
  • Get the Client ID, Client Secret, Callback URL, Test Access token
  • Add these information to tests/config.js
  • Run $npm test

The tests include one for login, which runs a local server. You need to access it through a web browser and complete the authorization process to finish the test

Needs JSCoverage and Mocha

$make coverage

Then go to http://localhost:YOUR_TEST_SERVER_PORT to complete the login test

Needs Docco

$make doc