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Node Archiver

Super simple Node utility to create a gzipped tar archive.


npm install --save node-archiver


  var archiver = require('node-archiver');
  archiver(__dirname, './dist/my-archive.tar.gz');

You can pass an optional callback to archiver:

archiver(__dirname, './dist/my-archive.tar.gz', function(err) {
  if (err) { throw err; }
  // Done! 

Create an archive in the dist/ directory of your project:


Adding the above line to your build process will create a distributable .tar.gz archive in the dist/ directory of your project. The name of the file will match the name attribute in your package.json.

Release Notes

0.1.0 Initial Release
0.1.1 Bug Fix
0.2.0 Added bin/create_dist for easier integration into a build process.
0.3.0 Dependency updates to latest fstream and tar.