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node-amd-require is a small script which adds AMD-style path resolution and define support to node's require() function. It can be used as an AMD loader or to add path configuration support to CommonJS modules.


Using npm:

npm install node-amd-require


require node-amd-require in your project's main entry point and call with your desired AMD-style configuration. Supports baseUrl, paths, and packages. Also supports the mainConfigFile property recursively.

/* [your index.js file or similar] */
    //configuration from 
    baseUrl: '.',
    paths: {
        "deferreds": "src",
        "mout": "lib/mout",
var path = require('path');
var fs = require('fs');

Or pass a path to a .json file containing your configuration:

/* [your index.js file or similar] */
var path = require('path');
var fs = require('fs');


  • Adds AMD configuration-based path resolution to require for AMD and/or CommonJS modules
  • Adds define and RequireJS loader plugin support to require via amdefine and the require.extensions mechanism.
  • Unlike requirejs in node, node-amd-require can support downstream scripts which directly call require on your possibly-AMD-format scripts (such as grunt and mocha). More on that is in this requirejs issue.
  • Does not clobber external libraries (symlinks too)
    • That is, define (AMD module support) is only added when require is called into your project (any file calls `require("/file/inside/your/project.js"))


Released under the MIT License.