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Integration with Akismet spam filtering for node.js


npm install node-akismet


AKISMET_API=abc123abc123 npm test

For the tests to pass, you need a valid akismet api key. You can add it to the command line as shown above, or hardcode it into test/akismet_test.js if you prefer.

There is no test api key for akismet, you can get a valid api key for free at

Usage Overview

var akismet_options = {
    apikey: 'abc123abc123', // required: your akismet api key
    blog: '', // required: your root level url
    headers:  // optional, but akismet likes it if you set this 
		'User-Agent': 'testhost/1.0 | node-akismet/0.0.1'

Akismet = require('../lib/akismet')(akismet_options);

Akismet.isSpam(args, function(isSpam) {
	if (isSpam) {
		// quarantine that
		console.log('we gots spammed');
	else {
		// continue about your business
		console.log('all good, carry on');

API Overview

Akismet = require('../lib/akismet')(akismet_options);

takes a list of parameters:

  • apikey: - requred: your api key from Akismet
  • blog: - required: your top-level url, including the http://
  • headers: - optional: the only header Akismet seems to care about is 'User-Agent', see the bottom of for the format they prefer

Akismet.isSpam(args, cb)

calls cb() with the truth value of the api call to Akismet.

Throws an Error if Akismet returns anything besides true or false (usually happens when key or args are invalid)

valid args keys are:

var args = ['blog',

you can see documentation for what each should be here:

the blog value is optional if you set it in the constructor.

Akismet.verifyKey(args, cb)

test call to ensure your api key is valid, used in automated test, usually does not need to be called from your application code. args is completely optional, if you set apikey and blog values in the constructor.


implement submitSpam and submitHam methods