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node-acl Build Status

A tiny ACL toolkit for Node.js


First get an instance of node-acl by passing a set of rules to a factory function

{CRUD,acl} = require 'node-acl'
myRules = [
	{ role: "public", model : "stories", crudOps : [] }
	{ role: "admin", model : "stories", crudOps : [, CRUD.create, CRUD.delete] }
aclInstance = acl(myRules)

Use the instance where ever you need the validation in your code

result = aclInstance.validate({role:"admin", model: "stories", crudOps: [CRUD.create]})
#> result : null
result = aclInstance.validate({role:"public", model: "stories", crudOps: [CRUD.update]})
#> result : failed validation:{"role":"public","model":"stories","crudOps":["update"]}


npm install node-acl