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Render Noddity posts to the DOM

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var renderDom = require('noddity-render-dom')
var Butler = require('noddity-butler')
var Linkifier = require('noddity-linkifier')
var LevelJs = require('level-js')
var db = new LevelJs('noddity-posts-db')
var butler = new Butler('', db)
var linkifier = new Linkifier('#/myposts/')
var options = {
    butler: butler,
    linkifier: linkifier,
    el: 'body',
    data: {
        config: {
            configProperty: 'configValue'
        arbitraryValue: 'lol'
renderDom('post-template.html', options, function (err, setCurrent) {
    setCurrent('', function (err) {
        if (err) throw err // 404


var renderDom = require('noddity-render-dom')

renderDom(post, options, cb)

  • post: a Noddity post object or a post filename
  • options: all the other arguments
    • butler: a Noddity Butler
    • linkifier: a Noddity Linkifier
    • el: a selector string of the element to which the Ractive object will be bound. Optional
    • data: any properties on the data object will be made available to the templates. Optional
  • cb(err, setCurrent): a function to be called when the first render is finished.

setCurrent(post, [data,] [cb])

setCurrent is a function/event emitter.

Call the function to change the current post to a different post.

  • post: a Noddity post object, or a post filename
  • data: any properties on the data object will be made available to the templates. Optional
  • cb(err): an optional function that is called when the current post is set or a fatal error occurs. Optional


  • error(err) is emitted on non-fatal errors, e.g. an embedded template not loading
    • err is an Error object
setCurrent('', function (err) {
    if (err) throw err // Could not set '' to be the current post
setCurrent.on('error', function (err) {
    console.error(err) // Probably an embedded template didn't load

values accessible in ractive expressions

  • postList: an array of post objects that have dates, ordered by date descending. Metadata is accessible on the object iself without having to use the metadata property
  • posts: an object whose keys are the post file names, and whose value is the post object. Right now the keys all have periods . stripped from them due to an issue with Ractive
  • removeDots: a function that takes a string as input and returns a version with dots . removed
  • current: the file name of the currently displayed post (the one specified in the url). Also a partial of the current post (set by setCurrent()). Can be accessed by doing {{>current}} or {{{html}}}
  • metadata: an object of the metadata of the current post. E.g. {{metadata.title}} accesses the title of the current post, even if it is in an embedded template.
  • Metadata values of the template are exposed. (Except in the root post, where the current post's metadata is exposed). E.g. {{title}} accesses the title of the current.

ractive expressions example


Written by {{author}} on {{date.toDateString()}}.

title: welcome
date: 2015-10-30
author: Joseph

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog!!!

title: embed

The title is: {{metadata.title}}
My title is: {{title}}

Set root.html to be the root, and to be the current post:

renderDom('root.html', options, function (err, setCurrent) {
    setCurrent('', function (err) {
        if (err) throw err // 404

End up with something like:

    Hey thanks for visiting my blog!!!

    The title is: welcome
    My title is: embed
Written by Joseph on Fri Oct 30 2015




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