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Noc - Documentation generator tool for Node.


Noc is a project intended to run JsDoc-Toolkit under Node.

JsDoc-Toolkit normally runs under Rhino which is a javascript engine developed in Java.
Noc has no dependency on Java and is a lot faster than the version of JsDoc-Toolkit based on Rhino.

Noc uses JsDoc-Toolkit 2.4.0.


noc [OPTIONS] -t=<template_dir> <source_dir> <source_file> ...


-a or --allfunctions
		Include all functions, even undocumented ones.

-c or --conf
		Load a configuration file.

-d=<PATH> or --directory=<PATH>
		Output to this directory (defaults to "out").

-D="myVar:My value" or --define="myVar:My value"
		Multiple. Define a variable, available in JsDoc as JSDOC.opt.D.myVar.

-e=<ENCODING> or --encoding=<ENCODING>
		Use this encoding to read and write files.

-E="REGEX" or --exclude="REGEX"
		Multiple. Exclude files based on the supplied regex.

-h or --help
		Show this message and exit.

-m or --multiples
		Don't warn about symbols being documented more than once.

-n or --nocode
		Ignore all code, only document comments with @name tags.

-o=<PATH> or --out=<PATH>
		Print log messages to a file (defaults to stdout).

-p or --private
		Include symbols tagged as private, underscored and inner symbols.

-q or --quiet
		Do not output any messages, not even warnings.

-r=<DEPTH> or --recurse=<DEPTH>
		Descend into src directories.

-s or --suppress
		Suppress source code output.

-S or --securemodules
		Use Secure Modules mode to parse source code.

-t=<PATH> or --template=<PATH>
		Required. Use this template to format the output.

-T or --test
		Run all unit tests and exit.

-u or --unique
		Force file names to be unique, but not based on symbol names.

-v or --verbose
		Provide verbose feedback about what is happening.

-x=<EXT>[,EXT]... or --ext=<EXT>[,EXT]...
		Scan source files with the given extension/s (defaults to js).

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