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Simple is that! Shout out to @marak :) - had good times in berlin and thanks for say - anyway. Do you ever had the feeling or felt the downside, that you have to merge a branch of somebody you really like but it annoys you that he wasn't able to pull the last 30 commits in before his PR?

If so. Here is nobro

It check if your buddy is out of sync with master and just interrupts him with a pic of Vader a corresponding sound track and the saying: do ya think, syncing is for pussies?. And thats it. So if your project is tight to a npm workflow you can just sprinkle that in, where you feel comfortable. See usage in the example.

example usage

In the script section of package.json just do the following:

  "build": "nobro && webpack --debug",
  "stats": "nobro && webpack --profile --json > stats.json",
  "dev": "nobro && NODE_ENV=development NODE_PATH=$NODE_PATH:./src/shared babel-node --harmony .",
  "start": "nobro && NODE_ENV=production NODE_PATH=$NODE_PATH:./src/shared babel-node --harmony .",
  "start:dev": "nobro && NODE_ENV=development NODE_PATH=$NODE_PATH:./src/shared babel-node --harmony .",
  "test": "nobro && NODE_PATH=$NODE_PATH:./src/shared mocha --compilers js:babel-core/register --require babel-polyfill ./test/test_helper.js 'test/**/*_spec.@(js|jsx)'",
  "test:watch": "nobro && npm run test -- --watch",
  "lint": "nobro && eslint --quiet src",
  "postinstall": "nobro && npm run build"

If your buddy is behind 20 commits, it would just displays a pic of darth vader, plays imperial march and says something like he can't go on if he wouldn't sync. Thats annoying but can safe hours or even days with merge-conflicting the shit out of your project. :D

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