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    no.depublic deployment tool

    This tool is designed to automate the process of setting up new instances and connect them to your existing git repository to allow easy and fast deployment of nodejs projects.


    $ config --api [username] [password] -- used to set the username and password for your node account

    $ instances -- lists your existing node instances and their current status

    $ coupons -- lists your existing coupon codes

    $ coupons --request -- requests a new coupon code

    $ bind [ instance id] -- binds the given instance to this repository (like create, but without the actual creation)

    $ info -- shows information about the instance this repository is linked too

    $ deploy -- short cut alias for git push master

    $ open -- short cut alias for open http://[your domain]

    $ shell -- (WARNING BUGGY!) short cut alias for ssh node@[your domain]

    $ log -- short cut alias for ssh node@[your domain] /opt/nodejs/bin/node-service-log

    $ help -- prints out a list of commands

    $ create [subdomain] [coupon?] -- creates a new instance. If coupon isn't provided, it will find an available if possible.

    $ create --bind [subdomain] [coupon?] -- creates a new instance and binds it (shortcut of create + bind)

    Methods still pending implementation sshkeys -- lists all the keys in the access list for your node account sshkeys --add [optional path to ssh public key] -- adds the specified SSH public key to the access list, or uses ~/.ssh/id_[dsa|rsa].pub if not provided sshkeys --rm [sshkey id] -- removes the specified ssh key from the access list




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