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The noRecordVideoTestPassed Cypress plugin allows for not recording videos of tests that pass. This can help save storage space used by test videos by only keeping videos of failed tests.


To use noRecordVideoTestPassed, start by installing it as a development dependency in your Cypress project:

npm install no-record-video-test-passed-cypress-plugin --save-dev

or if you're using Yarn:

yarn add no-record-video-test-passed-cypress-plugin --dev


After installation, you need to configure the plugin in your Cypress project.

  1. Open the cypress/plugins/index.js file and add the following code:
const {
} = require("no-record-video-test-passed-cypress-plugin/src");

module.exports = (on, config) => {
  noRecordVideoTestPassedPlugin(on, config);
  1. Then, configure the plugin in your cypress.config.js file (or whichever configuration file you are using) to enable or disable the feature:
const { defineConfig } = require("cypress");

module.exports = defineConfig({
  env: {
    noRecordVideoTestPassed: {
      enable: true,
  // Your other Cypress configurations...

Make sure to replace "enable": true with false if you wish to temporarily disable the deletion of videos for passed tests.


Once installed and configured, the plugin will work automatically. No further action is required. Videos for tests that pass will not be saved, according to your configuration.

Configuration Options

Currently, the plugin supports the following configuration:

  • enable: A boolean (true | false) to enable or disable the deletion of videos for tests that pass.

Support and Contributions

For support, questions, or suggestions, please open an issue in the plugin's GitHub repository.

Contributions to the project are welcome! If you would like to contribute, please read the contribution guidelines provided in the GitHub repository of the plugin.


This project is licensed under the MIT License. For more details, see the LICENSE file in the GitHub repository of the plugin.

This provides a basic guide for installing, configuring, and using your noRecordVideoTestPassed Cypress plugin. You can adjust it based on the specifics of your plugin and the needs of your project.

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