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Manage your node_modules as a set of directories on disk.

$ nm rm module-name
module-name removed
$ nm rm module-name
Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, lstat 'node_modules/wrappyy'

Try it out with npx:

$ npx nm rm module-name


This is a command line tool for doing physical operations on your node_modules with some minimal level of package.json and package-lock.json awareness. In contrast to npm, it is focused on physical operations on disk.



Remove from node-modules if it exists.

Planned options: -r remove and its transitive dependencies. -f -r remove and its transitive dependencies, even if they're also used by another module.

Planned Commands

These are not implemented yet.


Would be what llmod outputs.


Add packages w/o installing anything else. Read registry auth from .npmrc (no nm login however, use npm for that).


A suite of save option that can update package.json and package-lock.json