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    lots of weird english text
    npm install nlp-corpus

    nlp-corpus is a proud series of weird texts from a delicious smattering of sources - aimed at getting cosmopolitan flavours of english - highbrow, lowbrow and unibrow - dialects, typos, shakespeare, unicode, 19th century, aggressive emoji, and epic nsfw slurs into your training data.

    it is 50,000 sentences, or 5mb, split into 50 files of randomized sentences.

    it's role is mainly to kick the tires a bit, as creatively as possible, for fuzzy linguistic parsing.

    • suggestive American rock lyrics
    • campy Friends tv-show transcripts
    • vulnerable drug-trip reports from Erowid
    • singaporean SMS messages
    • State of the union logorrhea
    • generally-offensive 90's rap
    • Legal descriptions in NAFTA
    • 20th century romantic fiction
    • pedantic arguments on reddit
    • arcane and dense jeopardy questions

    Note that some of this text is nsfw, or containing offensive content, badly-formatted unicode, weird indentation, ascii art, antiquated shorthands, etc.

    These texts were found just clicking around on the internet. Running them blindly through your parser should be considered fair-use, but please don't commercially republish them, or anything like that.

    ok go.

    npm install nlp-corpus

    running this library server-side loads a subset of the documents - abt 3mb total

    const corpus = require('nlp-corpus')
    //random sentence
    let str = corpus()
    //random 5 sentences
    let arr = corpus(5) //n can only be <= 1,500

    or on the client-side, there's a one-liner that fetches the docs:

    <script src=""></script>
      // load a documents lazily
      await nlpCorpus.fetchDoc(2) //1 - 20
      // (each doc is abt 150kb)
      let arr = nlpCorpus.random(4) //1 - 1,500


    the corpus is availble as [./builds](50 150kb files) where each file is 2,000 mixed sentences.

    This is a good size for picking-at from the client-side - but you can loop through them all in nodejs.

    in total, there are 100,000 sentences, at around 7.5mb.


    Music lyrics

    short, modern texts with some nice slang.


    some CC-BY fiction pieces by some selected authors. Mix of tense, dialogue, subject, and style. ~300kb

    Erowid trip reports - some very casual and modern slang-filled drug-use reports from ~nsfw.

    Children's stories from the facebook children's stories corpus


    State of the union transcripts - American presidential speech transcripts from 2000-2015. ~600kb


    a bunch of articles from wikipedia's Articles every Wikipedia must have list

    Internet comments

    Reddit /r/TLDR corpus from this dataset


    sample of jeopardy questions from this dataset


    sample of wikihow instructions from this dataset

    News Headlines

    sample of the times of india headlines from this dataset


    subset of reviews from the Yelp academic dataset

    Legal Text

    subset of the SigmaLaw - Large Legal Text Corpus

    Jokes & puns

    Super-corny dad-jokes (some offensive) from CrowdTruth/Short-Text-Corpus-For-Humor-Detection




    npm i nlp-corpus

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