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njet-routing-swig Build Status

Swig extension for njet-routing

To extend swig templates with Your router simply install extension:

npm install njet-routing-swig

After that extend Your swig with njet-routing url generator:

var swig = require('swig'),
    njetRouting = require('njet-routing'),
    njetRoutingSwig = require('njet-routing-swig'),
    router = njetRouting.createRouter();
njetRoutingSwig.addFunctions(swig, router);

whis will add "url" object with methods that match verbs:

  • get
  • post
  • put
  • delete
  • options
  • head
  • trace
  • connect
  • any

Now you can add some route:'create_user', '/api/user/{username}');

And from now you can use it to generate url in template:

var content = swig.render('test: {{"create_user", { username: "dariuszp", "new": 1, age: 26 }, true) }}');

This will generate:

test: http://localhost/api/user/dariuszp?age=26&new=1

In case "url" extension is already in your project, just provide option that will overwrite that name to something else:

njetRoutingSwig.addFunctions(swig, router, {
    url: 'sparta'

And you can call Your spartans:

var content = swig.render('test: {{"create_user", { username: "dariuszp", "new": 1, age: 26 }, true) }}');

For more informations about njet-routing visit: