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  • node.js >= 0.6 (with npm)
  • git
  • Foreman
  • Make
  • an account on heroku, joyent, azure, linode, or rackspace

What the user creates:

  • package.json
  • app code
  • git repository
  • .gitignore
  • Procfile
  • nimbus.json

What the user does:

$ nimbus list

lists all the targets defined in the nimbus.json file

$ nimbus provision serviceName

provisions the service at `serviceName`

- root: add keys to the remote system
- root: upgrade basic systems (build chain, etc)
- root: create user for the service
- local: render scripts for the service
- local: copy rendered scripts to the remote machine
- serviceuser: run the remote scripts

$ nimbus update serviceName

updates the service at `serviceName`
(for example, updating config files, environment settings...)
(should be non-destructive... no risk of losing user data)
(should be fast & not require a restart)

$ nimbus deploy serviceName [branch|hash]

deploys the git branch or hash specified to `serviceName`

- system does a git push to remote
- post-receive hook on remote copies the checked out codebase into a versions/{{gitHash}} directory
- post-receive hook then runs npm install
- if npm install goes okay, post-receive hook does an rsync between the new version and the /current directory running the app
- post-receive hook restarts foreman


  • set NODE_ENV to production via .env.json


npm i nimbus

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