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    This package is a fork of niceware that uses a wordlist based on the EFF's New Wordlists for Random Passphrases. Because this wordlist is much smaller, it is only useful in scenarios such where brute force attacks are minimized by some other mechanism, such as only giving attackers one chance to guess the password.

    Usage in Node

    To install:

    npm install niceware

    To generate an 8-byte passphrase:

    const niceware = require('niceware')
    // The number of bytes must be even
    const passphrase = niceware.generatePassphrase(8)
    // Result: [ 'deathtrap', 'stegosaur', 'nilled', 'nonscheduled' ]

    Usage in browser

    To use Niceware in modern browsers, include browser/niceware.js in a script tag. Niceware is then available in the window.niceware object.

    <script src='niceware.js'></script>
      const passphrase = window.niceware.generatePassphrase(8)

    Niceware uses window.{crypto, msCrypto}.getRandomValues for entropy in the browser.


    NOTE: When used in the browser, Buffer is replaced with window.Uint8Array.


    Kind: Exported constant

    niceware.bytesToPassphrase(bytes) ⇒ Array.<string>

    Converts a byte array into a passphrase.

    Kind: static method of niceware

    Param Type Description
    bytes Buffer The bytes to convert

    niceware.passphraseToBytes(words) ⇒ Buffer

    Converts a phrase back into the original byte array.

    Kind: static method of niceware

    Param Type Description
    words Array.<string> The words to convert

    niceware.generatePassphrase(size) ⇒ Array.<string>

    Generates a random passphrase with the specified number of bytes. NOTE: size must be an even number.

    Kind: static method of niceware

    Param Type Description
    size number The number of random bytes to use

    Niceware ports


    Niceware was inspired by Diceware. Its wordlist is derived from the SIL English word list. This project is based on my work on OpenPGP key backup for the Yahoo End-to-End project.


    npm i niceware-eff

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