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    This repository contains support for non-standard Javascript data types needed for engineering and scientific applications.

    Data Types


    Contains all the information needed to fully describe a NIType, as as an API to retrieve the information. It can be constructed from a JSON encoded string or a full notation object.

    var booleanType = new NIType('"Boolean"'); // A single boolean.
    var arrayType = new NIType({name: 'Array', rank: 1, subtype:{name: 'Boolean'}}); // 1-D array of booleans.
    var arraySubtype = arrayType.getSubtype(); // An instance of NIType
    console.log(arraySubtype.isBoolean()); // true
    console.log(booleanType.isBoolean()); // true
    console.log(booleanType.equals(arraySubtype)); // true
    console.log(booleanType.equals(arrayType)); // false

    For more information, you can look at the docs of NIType.

    NIComplex. Complex numbers for high performance applications

    Can be constructed from a string representing

    • complex numbers with real part before imaginary part or imaginary part before real part
    • complex numbers represented with scientific notation
    • complex numbers whose real and/or imaginary parts contain metric (SI) prefixes, such as kilo (k) or mega (M).
    • complex numbers with only real or imaginary part
    • complex numbers containing NaN as imaginary part, real part, or both
    • +/-infinity, +/-inf, +/-Infinity, +/-Inf
    • complex numbers that have the imaginary part represented only as +/-i or i

    Can be constructed from numbers

    • first paramater value is used for the real part and the second one for the imaginary part

    It throw errors for any type of invalid input

    var complex = new NIComplex('1 + 2i');
    var complex1 = new NIComplex(1, 2);
    var complex2 = new NIComplex(1);
    var wrongComplex = new NIComplex('not a number'); // will throw

    Complex numbers are objects containing two IEEE754 numbers, realPart and imaginaryPart.

    var complex = new NIComplex('1 + 2i');
    var re = complex.realPart;
    var im = complex.imaginaryPart;

    NITimestamp. High precision timestamps

    A NITimestamp is a data structure used to represent time with the high precision needed by scientific and engineering applications. An NITimestamp is composed by a pair of:

    • seconds, a integer number representing seconds passed since the epoch
    • fractions, an integer number between 0 and 252 - 1 representing the fractions of seconds in the timestamp. A fraction is one second divided by 252.

    The main design goals of the NITimestamp is interoperability with LabVIEW Timestamp, and as a consequence:

    1. the epoch used in NITimestamps is the LabVIEW epoch.
    2. the serialization format of the NITimestamp is using Int64, UInt64


    var timestamp = new NITimestamp(); // the epoch
    var timestamp2 = new NITimestamp('0:0'); // the epoch
    var timestamp3 = new NITimestamp(new Date(; // current time
    var timestamp4 = new NITimestamp(35.27); // 35.27 seconds past the epoch
    var timestamp5 = new NITimestamp(timestamp); // copy a timestamp

    The NITimestamp constructor can be called with no parameters or with different types of parameters:

    1. a string in the format "123:567890" where
    • the first part is an INT64 serialized to a decimal string, representing the nr. of seconds relative to epoch
    • the second part is a UINT64 serialized to a decimal string, representing the fractional part of the seconds
    1. a javascript Date
    2. a Number, representing the seconds passed since the epoch
    3. a NITimestamp.

    NIAnalogWaveform. A waveform of analog data samples

    A NIAnalogWaveform represents a series of analog data samples. The main use case for it is for samples acquired periodically with a constant time interval between them.

    NIColorValueConverters. Converters for several color formats

    A NIColorValueConverters has static functions that allow conversion between formats like RGBA, ARGB and hexadecimal.


    var integerColor = window.NIColorValueConverters.rgbaToInteger('rgb(237, 12, 140, 1)'); // Returns 4281020467
    var hexColor = window.NIColorValueConverters.argbIntegerColorToRgbaHexColor(integerColor); // Returns "#ED0C8CFF"




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