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Find declared but unused Angular classes in your codebase.

This tool recognizes components, directives, pipes and services in Angular code and checks if they are used in provided project.


Simplest way to use is via npx:

npx ngx-unused <source-root> -p <tsconfig-path>

ngx-unused - find unused classes in Angular codebase

Usage: ngx-unused <directory> [-p | --project] <tsconfig-file>

<directory>     - directory to be scanned
                  to scan multiple directories pass names separated by space
                  (usages of classes from source roots will be also searched in source roots)

<tsconfig-file> - main tsconfig file
                  should be one containing @paths definitions
                  for NX projects its usually tsconfig.base.json

-p | --project <tsconfigfile>  - tsconfig file path (required)
-h | --help                    - print this help
Source root directories and tsconfig file must be under the same root directory.

ngx-unused . -p tsconfig.base.json
ngx-unused libs apps/my-app -p tsconfig.base.json

How does it work?

Code from provided source root directory (or directories) is analyzed to find relevant classes. Relevant class is class with on of following Angular decorators: @Component,@Directory,@Pipe,@Injectable. Each class is checked for relevant usages in codebase. When it has no relevant usages it is considered unused.

Relevant classes

Class decorated with one of Angular decorators

  • @Component
  • @Directive
  • @Pipe
  • @Injectable

Classes declared in ignored files will be ignored.

Relevant usages

Relevant usage is any usage that is not one of following:

  • import
  • export
  • usage in @NgModule decorator (in imports,exports, declarations, providers properties)
  • with exception for useClass and useExisting in provider object
  • usage in any of ignored files

Ignored files

Files matching *.spec.ts glob will be ignored. Future version may have option to configure that.


Output is printed to standard output. If process.stdout.isTTY is false no decorative texts and no progress will be printed, so it can be safely piped.

Output formatting

Output contains progress information and formatted results. Formatted results is a list of unused classes, grouped by files.

Exit codes

0 No unused classes detected.

1 Detected unused component, directive, pipe, or service.

2: Invalid configuration

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