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ngx-quill Build Status

ngx-quill is an angular (>=2) component for the Quill Rich Text Editor.


If you like my work, feel free to support it. Donations to the project are always welcomed :)

PayPal: PayPal.Me/bengtler

BTC Wallet Address: 3QVyr2tpRLBCw1kBQ59sTDraV6DTswq8Li

ETH Wallet Address: 0x394d44f3b6e3a4f7b4d44991e7654b0cab4af68f

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  • Advanced Demo
    • integration of quill-emoji
    • integration of quill-mention
    • integration of quill-image-resize
    • custom word count module
    • custom toolbar with custom fonts and formats, toolbar position
    • show the differences between sanitizing and not sanitizing your content if your content format is html
    • usage of different content formats
    • template-driven and reactive forms
    • code + syntax highlighting
    • formulas
    • custom key-bindings, e.g. shift + b for bold
    • dynamic styles and placeholder
    • toggle readonly
    • bubble toolbar
    • activate formats after editor initialisation, e.g. rtl direction
  • Ionic v3 Demo

Compatibility to Angular Versions

Angular ngx-quill
v4 < 1.6.0
v5 > 1.6.0
v6 >= 3.0.0
v7 >= 4.0.0


  • npm install ngx-quill
  • for projects using Angular < v5.0.0 install npm install ngx-quill@1.6.0
  • install @angular/core, @angular/common, @angular/forms, quill and rxjs - peer dependencies of ngx-quill
  • include theme stylings: bubble.css, snow.css of quilljs in your index.html, or add them in your css/scss files with @import statements, or add them external stylings in your build process.

For standard webpack, angular-cli and tsc builds

  • import QuillModule from ngx-quill:
import { QuillModule } from 'ngx-quill'
  • add QuillModule to the imports of your NgModule:
  imports: [

class YourModule { ... }
  • use <quill-editor></quill-editor> in your templates to add a default quill editor
  • do not forget to include quill + theme css in your buildprocess, module or index.html!
  • for builds with angular-cli >=6 only add quilljs to your scripts or scripts section of angular.json, if you need it as a global :)!

HINT: If you are using lazy loading modules, you have to add QuillModule to your imports in your root module to make sure the Config services is registered.

For SystemJS builds (Config)

  • add quill and ngx-quill to your paths:
paths: {
  'ngx-quill': 'node_modules/ngx-quill/bundles/ngx-quill.umd.js',
  'quill': 'node_modules/quill/dist/quill.js'
  • set format and dependencies in packages:
packages: {
  'ngx-quill': {
    format: 'cjs',
    meta: {
      deps: ['quill']
  'quill': {
    format: 'cjs'
  • follow the steps of For standard webpack and tsc builds


Ngx-quill updates the ngModel or formControl for every user change in the editor. Checkout the QuillJS Source parameter of the text-change event.

If you are using the editor reference to directly manipulate the editor content and want to update the model, pass 'user' as the source parameter to the QuillJS api methods.


  • ngModel - set initial value or allow two-way databinding
  • readOnly (true | false) if user can edit content
  • formats - array of allowed formats/groupings
  • format - model format - default: html, values: html | object | text | json, sets the model value type - html = html string, object = quill operation object, json = quill operation json, text = plain text
  • modules - configure/disable quill modules, e.g toolbar or add custom toolbar via html element default is
  toolbar: [
    ['bold', 'italic', 'underline', 'strike'],        // toggled buttons
    ['blockquote', 'code-block'],

    [{ 'header': 1 }, { 'header': 2 }],               // custom button values
    [{ 'list': 'ordered'}, { 'list': 'bullet' }],
    [{ 'script': 'sub'}, { 'script': 'super' }],      // superscript/subscript
    [{ 'indent': '-1'}, { 'indent': '+1' }],          // outdent/indent
    [{ 'direction': 'rtl' }],                         // text direction

    [{ 'size': ['small', false, 'large', 'huge'] }],  // custom dropdown
    [{ 'header': [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, false] }],

    [{ 'color': [] }, { 'background': [] }],          // dropdown with defaults from theme
    [{ 'font': [] }],
    [{ 'align': [] }],

    ['clean'],                                         // remove formatting button

    ['link', 'image', 'video']                         // link and image, video
  • theme - bubble/snow, default is snow
  • sanitize - uses angulars DomSanitizer to santize html values - default: true, boolean (only for format="html")
  • style - set a style object, e.g. [style]="{height: '250px'}"
  • placeholder - placeholder text, default is Insert text here ...
  • bounds - boundary of the editor, default document.body, pass 'self' to attach the editor element
  • maxLength - add validation for maxlength - set model state to invalid and add ng-invalid class
  • minLength - add validation for minlength - set model state to invalid and add ng-invalid class, only set invalid if editor text not empty --> if you want to check if text is required --> use the required attribute
  • required - add validation as a required field - [required]="true" - default: false, boolean expected (no strings!)
  • strict - default: true, sets editor in strict mode
  • scrollingContainer - default '.ql-editor', allows to set scrolling container
  • use custom-options for adding for example custom font sizes --> this overwrites this options globally !!!
  • possbility to create a custom toolbar via projection slot [quill-editor-toolbar]:
  <div quill-editor-toolbar>
    <span class="ql-formats">
      <button class="ql-bold" [title]="'Bold'"></button>
    <span class="ql-formats">
      <select class="ql-align" [title]="'Aligment'">
        <option selected></option>
        <option value="center"></option>
        <option value="right"></option>
        <option value="justify"></option>
      <select class="ql-align" [title]="'Aligment2'">
        <option selected></option>
        <option value="center"></option>
        <option value="right"></option>
        <option value="justify"></option>
  • customToolbarPosition - if you are working with a custom toolbar you can switch the position :). - default: top, possible values top, bottom
  • debug - set log level warn, error, log or false to deactivate logging, default: warn
  • trackChanges - check if only user (quill source user) or all change should be trigger model update, default user. Using all is not recommended, it cause some unexpected sideeffects.

Full Quill Toolbar HTML

Global Config

It is possible to set custom default modules and Quill config options with the import of the QuillModule.

  imports: [

      modules: {
        syntax: true,
        toolbar: [...]
class YourModule { ... }

If you want to use the syntax module follow the Syntax Highlight Module Guide.

See Quill Configuration for a full list of config options.

The QuillModule exports the defaultModules if you want to extend them :).


  • onEditorCreated - editor instance
editor // Quill
  • onContentChanged - text is updated
  editor: editorInstance, // Quill
  html: html, // html string
  text: text, // plain text string
  content: content, // Content - operatins representation
  delta: delta, // Delta
  oldDelta: oldDelta, // Delta
  source: source // ('user', 'api', 'silent' , undefined)
  • onSelectionChanged - selection is updated
  editor: editorInstance, // Quill
  range: range, // Range
  oldRange: oldRange, // Range
  source: source // ('user', 'api', 'silent' , undefined)

Security Hint

Angular templates provide some assurance against XSS in the form of client side sanitizing of all inputs

Ngx-quill provides the config paramter sanitize to sanitize html-strings passed as ngModel or formControl to the component.

It is deactivated per default to avoid stripping content or styling, which is not expected.

But it is recommended to activate this option, if you are working with html strings as model values.


npm i ngx-quill

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