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    Admin Builder Workspace

    This project was generated with Angular CLI version 10.1.3.

    - Documentation is in progress and should be available in next 2 weeks time

    Use Case

    Admin Panel

    Admin Builder allowed us to maintain a consistent user experience within the existing application. It allowed the Portal to maintain the visualisation of the content. In addition any existing Angular stack can fit good with Admin Builder's architecture and should work without modification.

    Web Application Developer

    Let the people who have the technical knowledge decide, most of the times, the developers find Admin Builder’s ease to use, and most importantly they like the customization abilities and interface. The simple and uncluttered interface is the key to Admin Builder Tool. And most important part is the good documentation and sample code to refer as per the use case.

    Startup & Feature MVP

    Startup looks for fast turn around and time to market is important for them. The Admin Builder Plugin has been developed keeping both the points in mind. Because of is Configuration driven architecure, we can easily create a new interface with significant less effort as compared to writting it all from scratch.

    Hybrid App Developer

    As the features develoed using this pluing looks equally good on mobile, table and desktop 'sample', it makes it a suitable candidate to be used in a hybrid app to develop many layouts with have standard look and feel.

    Features and benefits


    Admin Builder is a flexible, open-source Admin Builder that gives developers the freedom to layout a Form, List or complex combination of List and Form using a Easy to use 'Builder Tool' or 'Config file'. By making the admin panel and its linking with the existing APIs through a plugable system, Admin Builder enables the developers to accelerate development keeping intact the quality and consistency aspect which result in building beautiful digital experiences.

    Mobile Responsive

    The output from this plugin is mobile responsive and can be renderd on all different type of devices.


    Easy Content Management

    Admin Builder's admin panel gives you an intuitive interface to manage your data by allowing you to view, create, edit and delete options.

    Integrate with existing Pannel

    This is a plugin written in angular and can integrate with any existing admin pannel developed using angular. The intent is that the development team can build new features using this plugin without impacting the existing features

    !!! tip "Productivity"

    This tool helps development team in achieving enhanced productivity as:
    1. **Code Generation**: For every new business feature that needs to be devloped, we can generate the code via 'cli' 
    2. **Fast Development**: The interface for the business feature developed using this plugin can be completely drawn using the 'Builder Tool' or 'Config file'
    3. **Time to Market**: As quite a big sum of work is configuration driven and interfaces are generated via the plugin, time and money required to develop a feature reduces drastically.

    !!! tip "Security"

    The admin pannel designer and define and decide via configuration what button, link, field, form, list can be:
    1. view by what role
    2. who can perform what action

    !!! tip "Quality"

    As the business features developed using this plugin are all generated and managed by central code, so it results in consistent look and feel and behaviour:
    1. **Config Driven**: As a business feature is developed using configuration, so chances of error reduces.
    2. **Less Testing Effort**: Testing effort for the features reduces as in most of the cases only functional testing will be required to give a feature signoff. 

    !!! tip "Customizable"

    All possible UI components like 'button', 'field', 'form', 'list' and 'CRUD' are written and tested independently. This shapes this plugin or rather set of sub-plugins as a powerful tool which can be used independently:
    1. **Lego Blocks**: as all the UI components can be used independently or in any combination, it gives the developers the power to juggle around and create any 'custom layout' using that.
    2. **Plug and Play as per the use**: Few ready made components like 'Form', 'List' and 'CRUD' can just be integrated and used after 'configuration' 


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