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A code editor input for Angular Material 2+ based on codemirror.

Demo here.


npm i -S ngx-mat-codemirror codemirror

and typings for codemirror:

npm i -D @types/codemirror

Configuring styles

First, import node_modules/codemirror/lib/codemirror.css into your project.

Then in order to use standard codemirror themes you need to include the corresponding CSS files. All themes are located at node_modules/codemirror/theme folder.

A preview for the themes could be found here.

For example, if you use angular-cli, add the to your

  "styles": [

This will import the neat codemirror theme and you can use it across the project.

Configuring modes (languages)

Import all the necessary codemirror modes (the languages that you are going to use) in the main.ts or some barrel file that is going to be imported into main.ts.

All the modes could be found at node_modules/codemirror/mode;

For example if we are going to use SASS and YAML code editors then we import the following:

import 'codemirror/mode/sass/sass';
import 'codemirror/mode/yaml/yaml';

Note: it is not enough to import the modes into scripts section of .angular-cli.json.


Import module whenever you need to use the code editor:

import { NgModule } from '@angular/core';
import { MatCodemirrorModule } from 'ngx-mat-codemirror';
  // ...
  imports: [
    // ...
    // ...
  // ...
export class MyModule { }

Then use it:

    <mat-codemirror formControlName="yaml" required [options]="{ theme: 'neat', mode: 'yaml' }" placeholder="YAML"></mat-codemirror>
    <mat-error *ngIf="form.get('yaml').hasError('required')">required</mat-error>
    <mat-hint>YAML config sample</mat-hint>


The mat-codemirror input implements both ControlValueAccessor and MatFormFieldControl. That means all the properties that are used by / available for

  • ngModel
  • formControl / formControlName
  • material inputs

are also supported here.

Additionally the following properties / events are available:

  • [options] - options passed to the CodeMirror instance. The lineNumbers option will be ignored by design.
  • [name] - name applied to the created textarea
  • [autoFocus] - setting applied to the created textarea
  • [preserveScrollPosition] - preserve previous scroll position after updating value
  • (focusChange) - called when the editor is focused or loses focus
  • (scroll) - called when the editor is scrolled
  • (cursorActivity) - called when the text cursor is moved

Note: the line numbers are automatically shown / hidden depending on the content of the input. If there is more than one line, they are shown, otherwise hidden.


Credits to @TypeCtrl for initial implementation of ControlValueAccessor



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