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NGN is a platform for building web systems. It provides best-practice building blocks for backend architecture (distributed systems/microservices), frontend architecture (UI), data management (models), and general programming.

It consists of:


The Infrastructure Development Kit consists of a series of Docker images, designed specifically for distributed/microservice oriented backend architecture.


The Software Development Kit is a series of Node.js modules that seamlessly connect to and interact with IDK components. It alleviates boilerplate coding and provides professional API's to simplify the effort of programming microservices. It also contains a robust and extendable data model API.


Chassis is the UI engine. It has a SASS layout engine and a JavaScript library for smart developers. The vanilla JavaScript library provides an event bus architecture to make UI interactivity as simple to create as the backend logic found in the SDK.

For complete details, please visit the NGN website. This repository is the home of the primary SDK.


Platform Status

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NGN npm install ngn