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Angular Esbuild

Blazing Fast & Esbuild based Angular compiler

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50x faster builds with esbuild, production build within 200ms instead of 10s


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ng build:

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  • Build Angular projects
  • Process SCSS
  • Process 3rc styles and scripts
  • Handle loadChildren

Install 🐙

# globally
npm i -g ngc-esbuild
# or locally
npm i ngc-esbuild

Usage 💡

  • Add a new script to the package.json:
"scripts": {
  "esbuild": "ngc-esbuild"
  • Start esbuild:
npm run esbuild
  • With arguments:
"scripts": {
  "esbuild": "ngc-esbuild --minify true --sourcemap false --port 6500 --open"
  • From nodejs:
const NgcEsbuild = require('ngc-esbuild');

new NgcEsbuild({
  main: 'src/main.ts',
  outpath: 'dist/es2',
  minify: true,
  open: false,
  port: 9855,
  sourcemap: true,
  serve: true,
  (result) => console.log(result)


  • These arguments are supported both from cmd and the nodejs call:
    // special options for this package:
    port: 4200, // live-server port
    open: false, // open in default browser
    serve: true, // start the live-server
    project: '', // project name from the angular.json file
    // esbuild options:
    entryPoints: ['src/main.ts'], // main
    bundle: true, // true|false
    outfile: '', // string
    outdir: 'dist/esbuild', // outpath
    external: [], // eg: ['fsevents']
    format: 'esm', // iife, cjs, or esm
    inject: [], // eg: ['./process-shim.js']
    minify: true, // true|false
    platform: 'browser', // node|browser|neutral
    sourcemap: true, // true|false|'external'|'inline'|'both'
    splitting: true, // true|false
    target: ['es2020'], // ['es2020', 'chrome58', 'firefox57',  'safari11',  'edge16',  'node12',],
    watch: true, // true|false|object
    write: true, // true|false
    allowOverwrite: true, // true|false
    metafile: false, // true|false - for the analyze feature
    treeShaking: true, // true|false
    tsconfig: 'tsconfig.json', // string
    tsconfigRaw: '',
    absWorkingDir: process.cwd(), // string: a file-system path

Documentation 📄

The package is in the early alpha version!

This package is based on the esbuild.
Esbuild is an extremely fast builder for web projects, written in GoLang.
I extended esbuild with its plugin API and created some internal plugins.
These plugins process .ts files, handle dependency injectors, unpack styles, etc.


build part supported notice
templateUrl Yes move to import statement
styleUrls Partial only one styleUrl
angular.json:styles Yes move to main.css
angular.json:scripts Yes move to vendor.js
dependency injection Partial constructor must contain only injectable objects
loadChildren Yes move to a separated file
assets Yes copy to the output folder
scss :root No angular pseudo-selectors are not supported yet
less No less stylesheets are not supported yet
style encapsulation No work in progress

Contributing 🍰

Thank you to all the people who contributed to this project! You feel free to send pull requests.
Contributing Guide

Maintainers 👷

Joe Cserko

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